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Dayne Beams to Collingwood: Real or BS?

Dayne Beams to Collingwood:


At the beginning of the trade period, Damian Barrett broke a story reporting that Dayne Beams had requested a trade back home to Collingwood. Chris Fagan came out shortly after and stated that he hadn’t heard anything of the sort, but as the period goes on the rumours go stronger, and the Pies have ramped up their interest in their former star.

The Age – Collingwood Offer

It has come out that Collingwood have offered this year’s pick 18 in the draft, and a future second rounder, for Dayne Beams. Brisbane have rejected it, so we could be seeing a tug-of-war between the two clubs for the remainder of the week.

Fox Sports – Collingwood’s offer for Beams

Fox Sports have also reported the trade offer for Dayne Beams, and the fact that Brisbane have rejected. It seems evident that Brisbane are keen to keep their man for the duration of his contract, and have no desire to let him go unless they’re given a significantly improved offer, which Collingwood would perhaps be reluctant to make. Beams hasn’t officially handed in a request but it is understood that he would prefer a return to his former club.


Beams initially moved to Brisbane for family reasons, to be closer to his dad. His father has since unfortunately passed away, rendering Beams’ business up home finished. Collingwood would be keen to add Beams who could deputise in the forward line as well as in the midfield, and would provided much needed class and ability in an area that was lacking in their Grand Final loss. Brisbane are holding firm as he is still under contract, and with their resurgence it would be a step backwards to lose one of their star men and leaders.


It could happen, but by the looks of things it would take a mammoth offer from the Pies to allow the Lions to let him go. For most, Collingwood’s initial offer would’ve been enough, but Brisbane are more than happy to play hard ball. Either one of the clubs caves in, or they reach an impasse. It could be a similar situation to Bryce Gibbs’ move to Adelaide, in which it took the Crows till the year after their first offer to acquire him, as Carlton refused to trade away an experienced star player that was still contracted. We can’t see this coming to fruition unless something within the management of the clubs changes.

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