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Petition: Bring back the five minute warning


The five minute warning was a staple of channel 10 AFL broadcast which ran from 2002 to 2011. It removed the normal countdown clock in the final five minutes of the last quarter of the match, thus creating increased suspense and excitement to the fans watching at home. Matches such as the 2005 grand final, the 2002 grand final, the 2005 preliminary final, the 2006 grand final and the 2009 grand final were considered some of the most intense matches played not just because of the score and what was at stake but also the confusion of how much time was left.

There was nothing more exciting than trying to calculate how long was left in the match while a team was in the midst of massive comeback. Imagine how more intense the 2010 or 2012 grand finals would have been without knowing how long was left? From channel 7 or Fox footy’s point of view, the change would be very minor and help keep viewers watching the last few minutes of matches. When a match is down to 18-20 points in the last minute or two, viewers are more likely to watch when not knowing how little time is left than if they are. This change will give the viewers the same experience as the players and fans at the ground and create a better, more exciting experience. Plus who didn’t like that animation of the scoreboard when the game entered the final five minutes?

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