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Buddy who? Kennedy’s the real deal up foward


When people think about today’s great key forwards Buddy Franklin, Joe Daniher and even Ben Brown often come to mind, Josh J. Kennedy is and has been the best and most consistent forward over the last 3 seasons. In recent years Kennedy has been bagging goals left right and centre for the Eagles and is on the brink of winning his 3rd consecutive Coleman medal despite only playing in 16 games this year which is 5 games less than 2nd placed Joe Daniher. Kennedy is currently leading the Coleman by 4 goals and with only 1 game left in the home and away season if all goes to plan the talented forward will see his name go alongside the only 2 other players to win 3 Colman’s in a row in Hawthorn’s John Peck (1963-65) and Geelong’s Gary Ablett Snr (1993-95). During the season in Kennedy’s 16 games he has been averaging 4 goals a game at 63.4% accuracy, as for the likes of Sydney’s star man in Lance ‘Buddy’ Franklin he’s only managing to average 2.8 goals a game at 46.5% accuracy. When you compare the stats, it shows how great Kennedy really is and having kicked 23.44% of West Coast’s goals this season after missing out on 5 games it becomes quite clear just how valuable the number 17 is to the Eagles.











Not only is Kennedy aiming for his 3rd consecutive Coleman he is always in the running to make the All Australian team for the 3rd time in a row and if he does win the Coleman it would be pretty stiff not to include the talented full forward. Not only can Kennedy brag about his incredible goal scoring recorded but his set shot ability is remarkable and no one would be putting it past the 6ft5 forward to slot a set shot whether it’s from 30m out directly in front or on the 50m mark tucked up against the railings at Domain Stadium. Having been traded from Carlton at the end of the 2007 season along with draft picks 3 and 20 for Chris Judd many doubted he would even get close to living up to Judd, Kennedy may not have won a Brownlow but being on the verge of his 3rd Coleman it’s fair to say West Coast didn’t completely lose out on this trade. However with Judd being constantly associated with Kennedy it may have overshadowed just how good the forward has been but after two Coleman medals and being selected in the Australian side twice in 2015 and 2016 it’s fair to say Kennedy has managed to surge his way out of Judd’s shadow.

At 29 many would think the forward is passed his prime but if the stats are to go by anything much like a fine wine he’s only getting better by the year. In 2015 Kennedy’s goal accuracy was at 54.8% and in 2016 it was at 60.3%, with his goal accuracy currently sitting at 63.4% and with only 1 more game left against Adelaide the power forward is very likely to increase not only this stat but all aspects of his goal scoring stats. Without a doubt, Josh J. Kennedy will be around for years to come and will most defiantly end up in the hall of fame, so don’t let the twinkle toe run up fool you this forward is one to be feared.


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