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First details of Big Ant’s new Cricket game

It’s been less than a year since Don Bradman Cricket 17 came out but, it looks as though Big Ants next Cricket game could be here soon.


“Ashes Cricket” recently appeared on the Australian Classification Website on August 29th as an “upcoming Computer Game”. With the Ashes being on again this November in Australia you would suspect that any form of new Cricket game wouldn’t be far away. Interestingly, the author and publisher is listed as Big Ant rather than being published by Tru Blu who published other Big Ant games such as Don Bradman Cricket 14 & 17, AFL Live 1 and the Rugby League Live series. This could mean two things, first it could mean Big Ant are publishing their first full console release or secondly and more likely, the game is a mobile release.

Last summer, Big Ant released “Big Bash 2016” a simple licensed mobile game which although lacked depth, was a fun little game. “Ashes Cricket” could be similar to this incorporating the Australian and English cricket licences.

The classification approval from the Australian Classification website

To add to the information about this game,  Michael Slater on his radio Show “Big Sport Breakfast” confirmed that he will be doing commentary on an upcoming Ashes Cricket game, adding fuel to the idea of Big Ant’s next Cricket coming very soon. However, “Big Bash 2016” did not have commentary which could possibly mean this game will be more fleshed out than that.

An Ashes game itself may not be conducive to a mobile environment compared to Big Bash due to the test format being longer than a T20 Big Bash game, however Big Ant haven’t shied away from trying new things and being innovating such as their acadamy feature in DBC that bypassed the need for licenses by using user created content.

The failed 2013 Ashes Cricket game

Interestingly,  the failed 2013 game also titled “Ashes Cricket” which was removed from the Steam store almost immediately after being put on sale, was also commentated by Michael Slater along with Mark Nicholas and David Lloyd but that was published by 505 games who as you would expect have steered away from Cricket games as far as possible.

Don Bradman Cricket 17 received mixed reviews however the game was significantly improved after 3 patches with the last of the three only recently being released. It’s hard to believe Big Ant would have the time to release another full priced realistic Cricket game before or during the Ashes in November while completing several patches for Bradman Cricket and releasing Rugby League live 4 which released only last July especially with their small size.

Either way it’s exciting to have a new Cricket game likely on it’s way before the year is out when we were starved of any form of Cricket game for long with that changing only recently.

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