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Jesse Hogan to Fremantle: Real or BS?

As the Grand Final wowed us like few have before, we now can kick on to the trade period. It’s sure to be a good one, here you can find all the rumours over the next two weeks, and our two cents on whether or not we think a trade rumour has any weight to it.

Jesse Hogan to Fremantle:

Rumour: This one will not go away. It seems like forever that Jesse Hogan has been linked with Fremantle, and this summer it looks stronger than ever. Hogan is reported to have ‘played his last game’ for Melbourne, and as per reports has told his management he’s happy to be traded to Fremantle if Melbourne want to trade him.

Foxsports- Jesse Hogan

As this article on Fox Sports says, Luke Darcy has it on good authority that Hogan will end up at Fremantle next year. Jesse Hogan has been linked with a move to Perth for a long time, and now is looking like the time it will happen.

Alternative Rumour: In addition to this trade, Steven May is linked to Melbourne, and the whole saga may involve a blockbuster trade. Currently, Fremantle have pick 6, but could stand to gain Brisbane’s pick 5, should they trade Lachie Neale up north. Fremantle could send one or both of these picks to Melbourne for Hogan, who then could send them to Gold Coast for Steven May.

Foxsports-Hogan/Neale/May trade

Again, Fox Sports have reported of a major deal between Fremantle, Melbourne, Brisbane and the Suns. As the report goes, Fremantle currently have pick 6, but could easily gain pick 5 in a trade for Lachie Neale which would send him to Brisbane. Fremantle could then send one of or both of those picks to the Demons in exchange for Hogan, who then will send those picks Gold Coast’s way, in order to prize away Steven May.

In accordance with the above tweet by respected reporter Sam McClure, Lachie Neale was seen earlier in September with Chris Fagan, which is where his rumoured move to Brisbane began. All signs point to Brisbane wanting him at their club to take them to the next level, and this blockbuster trade could do it.

Reasons: Hogan has always wanted to go back to Perth for a long time, and now the cards have been placed. Brisbane were earlier linked with Lachie Neale, and could stand to be players in this trade. Neale has friends potentially going to Brisbane in Lincoln McCarthy, and Brisbane are in a better position than Fremantle, and a player of Neale’s calibre could elevate them to contend for the finals. As for Gold Coast, while they would lose another captain in Steven May, they at least can gain draft picks for him, while Melbourne bolster their backline with May, who has forever been linked back to Victoria. Steven May wants success right now, and Collingwood and Melbourne are his best options for this, as both are in their premiership windows. Should this deal work, it would entice him to nominate Melbourne as his club of choice. This interview on the Marngrook Footy Show sums up his feelings.

Steven May awkward interview on Marngrook

Verdict: We think this has a lot of merit to it. All parties involved stand to benefit, and the rumours go stronger by the day. Keep an eye out for this one. It will take a lot of clubs to agree to it, which does lessen the likelihood, and Hogan is only open to a move if Melbourne are willing, and he has turned down moves in the years past. It would take a lot for this mammoth to happen, but a lot of figures in the AFL believe it is a legitimate possibility.


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