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Memorable AFL Banners Over The Years

There are several things that we’ve had to go without to keep this season up and running, one of which being the humble banner. From witty to illiterate to downright offensive, let us jog your memory on the crepe creations that have been a staple of the game since its inception.

Clever and comical

A harsh whack indeed from the Bulldogs in 2015.

This 2018 classic came a week after Collingwood’s clash with Richmond that saw Jack Higgins win goal of the year with that questionable kick around the goal posts.

This Bulldogs banner in 2016 took a cheeky jab at Carlton’s lacklustre form.

The Bulldogs featured multiple banners in 2016 that made their premiership year even more memorable.

This one from the Blues in 2017 is even funnier considering how the season panned out for Richmond.

Another classic swipe at the Eagles from the Western Bulldogs in 2016. It pays to get a comedian to do your banners.

Controversial and downright offensive

A wayward apostrophe couldn’t distract from the inappropriate nature of this one from Fitzroy in 1981 before a clash with Geelong.

This banner in 1996 from Fitzroy copped a bit of heat amidst their merge with the Brisbane Bears after a deal fell through with North Melbourne.

This North Melbourne in 2014 caused outrage, as people found it disrespectful to Tom Hafey (a Richmond player and coaching great who’d recently passed) despite the top sentence being unrelated to the remaining jab at Brisbane.

Hawthorn unveiled this before their 1988 grand final, shockingly using blackface to demonstrate their desire to capture the flag.

….and the following year, they did it again, also in the grand final. Not a good move.

This one from Collingwood in 1995 came after Michael Long complained about racial abuse the previous week, which was widely agreed to be an exceptionally poor way to handle the situation.

Just plain dumb

Nothing overly exciting about this banner from the Saints, until you realise they spelt ‘tonight’ wrong…

…with Collingwood following suit in 2018.

I guess the incorrect ‘your’ adds something worth talking about to this otherwise boring Richmond banner.

If you’re going to salute one of your most experienced players in a milestone game, you should probably spell their name correctly, as I’m sure Brett Deledio would agree.

Either the Brisbane cheer squad ran out of the letter n or they lack basic proofreading skills.

Hopefully Carlton pay a bit more attention the next time they have something more serious to say – this blunder is even worse considering it’s for a good and important cause.

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