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The 25 most disliked people in AFL

At the eve of the 2018 season, the best heads over here at Sporting HQ have racked their brains for hours upon hours to come together to publish for you our list of the 25 people most hated in footy. Sure to cause conjecture, let us know any changes you would make to this list

25. Patrick Dangerfield- Geelong Cats player
24. Mark Stevens- Channel 7 Chief football reporter
23. Dwayne Russell- Fox Footy Commentator
22. Taylor Walker- Adelaide Crows Captain
21. Brad Scott- North Melbourne Senior Coach
20. Ross Lyon- Fremantle Senior Coach
19. Cameron Ling- Channel 7 Commentator
18. Joel Selwood- Geelong Cats Player
17. Wayne Carey- Media Personality
16. Sam Newman- Media Personality
15. Jake Stringer- Essendon Bombers Player
14.  David Koch- Port Adelaide President
13. Craig Hutchison- Media Personality
12. Toby Greene- GWS Giants player
11. Matthew Llyod- Media Personality
10. Dermott Brereton- Fox Footy commentator
After being one of the best players in his generation, Brereton has now become a pretty shocking and biased commentator for fox. Constantly going on about ‘his’ hawks, he comes off on TV as incredibly arrogant, and his hair appears worse than Donald Trump’s, therefore earning himself a place in our top 10.

Just a bit too arrogant, Derm

9. Basil Zempilas- Channel 7 Commentator
No fans really seem to know where Basil came from and no one can really understand how he has become one of channel 7’s most trusted commentators with fans posing important questions about the amount of insight he has into the game, when compared to those such as Bruce McAvaney. He tries hard, seems to love footy and get very excited when commentating, but his problem is simply his lack of flair and insight into footy, which has left everyone wondering how Channel 7 picked him to replace the great Dennis Cometti.

Not the man fans wanted commentating the First Elimination final between the Eagles and Port Adelaide

8. Luke Hodge- Brisbane Lions Player
While he is yet to play a game at his new club, Hodge simply came off as an unlikable person to fans when he was a Hawk. The media has always seemed to paint Hodge as the ‘good guy’ but generally speaking, fans are sick and tired of his excuses for his many shocking actions both on and off the field. While many Hawks fans will disagree, Hodge was violent and easy to irritate, with the image of Hodge trying to snap Chad Wingard’s neck on a point post still firmly ingrained in the minds of footy fans, locking him in as one of, if not the most disliked current AFL player in the eyes of the fans.

We think this image represents the type of person Luke Hodge is

7. ‘Razor’ Ray Chamberlain- AFL umpire
The most recognisable AFL umpire in Australia, ‘Razor’ often draws the ire of fans for his contentious decisions and is probably responsible for many things being thrown at the TV every for the middle months of the year. No one claims umpiring to be easy, but blowing the whistle to end the last quarter of Hawks v Adelaide in 2014 at the right time, instead of with 3 seconds to go, can’t be too hard, Ray. His’s job is simply to ensure that players are the main product on the centre stage of the AFL, but by letting his personality shine through in an annoying  manner, ‘Razor’ has earned himself a spot on our top 10.

‘Razor’ is truly the epitome of people we love to hate in footy

6.Kane Cornes- Media Personality
Cornes simply seems to be obsessed with trying to stay relevant in the football media, and cannot seem to understand that the vast majority of fans don’t want his opinions on anything to do with AFL. Cornes retired to be a fire fighter, and had then given that up just months later to demonstrate his extensive football knowledge by recently tipping Melbourne to finish on top of the ladder and Geelong to miss the 8. We’ll let you decide how you feel about that one. The football masses have simply become tired of his deliberate ‘out there’ opinions, designed only to stay relevant in the eyes of fans.

Fans don’t want your opinions, Kane

5. Eddie McGuire- Collingwood President
Eddie seems to be everywhere you turn, on Hotseat, Fox footy, Triple M radio and now he even has The Footy Show back. However, this is bad news for most footy fans, with Eddie always appearing annoying anytime when commentating. McGuire also sparked one of the biggest controversies in recent footy memory, by historically calling Adam Goodes an ape on Live radio, something Goodes’ has admitted he never quite got over. Maybe it’s just simply to do with being associated with Collingwood, or maybe because he simply has no respect, but Eddie McGuire is far from the most loved face in the AFL.

Wishing you were the president of a better club, Eddie?

4. Damien Barrett- AFL journalist and News Breaker
He comes off as a pretty boring bloke who severely lacks charisma, according to most fans, but somehow seems to know everything going on, a bit like a know it all from primary school who no one really likes. Barrett does his job very well, probably too well, which is why he is generally very disliked but the footy public.

To be fair, Barrett is probably too good at his job.

3. Caroline Wilson- Former Chief AFL Writer at The Age
Wilson appears on her show ‘Footy Classified’ to be the type of person who would sell out everyone she loves just to get a good story. Additionally, she seems to have taken a shot at almost everybody in the AFL in her segment ‘Caro’s arrow’, and when that is combined with someone who seems to have no likeable qualities and a huge lack of charisma, it’s not hard to understand why Wilson is so largely disliked by Footy fans. Wilson can also not seem to accept when she is wrong, claiming James Hird was sacked when he wasn’t is one of a few examples which springs to mind.

Not a highly liked face in footy circles

2. Mark Robinson- Chief AFL writer at The Herald Sun
‘Robbo’ comes off to fans like a drunk you would find down at the pub or similar, Suits that don’t fit and a pretty poor arrangement of facial hair. Some would argue that he is possibly too high on this list, as he is generally a reasonably good journalist,  but his article on illicit drugs in the AFL, and the players culture over the offseason a couple of years ago, where instead of digging deeper as a good journalist would, Robinson chose to latch onto the first piece of information he received and drag the Collingwood Football club through the mud, and his excuses didn’t cut it when panelists Chris Scott and particularly Nathan Buckley let him know the disgust they both felt towards his article, demonstrating his poor morals and making him an even bigger target than previously before.

Not quite the man we’d pick to be our chief football writer

1. Stephen Dank- Sports Scientist
Not many individuals can boast the credentials of literally single handedly destroying a football club and numerous careers in the process, but one man who can is Stephen Dank. Responsible for the whole Essendon supplements saga, Dank caused years of pain for not only the bombers and their fans, but the players who experienced multiple years from hell, as well as the AFL, who were tasked with the impossible job of ensuring the competition continued to run as normal while cleaning up the whole saga. We can say with a high degree of certainty that there is not a man more hated in AFL, or even the whole Australian Sporting world possibly, than Steven Dank.

Years of built reputations, dreams, and careers all down the drain due to this man


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