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The best AFL meme of all time as voted by you

Over the past few weeks footy fans have voted for what they believe is the best AFL ‘meme’ of all time over on our Facebook page The contest came down to the wire with many passionate comments on who fans think should win.


10:Roaming Brian

An ever changing and ever entertaining part of Friday night footy, Roaming Brian made it through to the second round before being knocked out. BT’s segment that features interviews and insight after Friday night matches in the victories teams room has increasingly become must watch viewing with bizarre and fascinating interviews.


9:Kanga Kanga Kanga
This minute long clips which went viral in 2018, faced a tough early round match up to be knocked out early. The clip which features the North Melbourne cheers squad members chanting “Kanga Kanga Kanga. Roo Roo Roo!” on repeat was cause of much laughter by footy fans when it first appeared on the North Melbourne cheer squad Facebook page.

8:Kouta’s Souvlaki Hut ad

The Carlton legend featured in this cringeworthy ad from 2008 where a fake gorilla wants Kouta’s Souvlaki. Despite being knocked out early, this meme has a cult following with the original youtube clip going viral around the world reaching 1.5 million views.

7:I’ll spew up!

This post match spray from former Western Bulldogs coach Terry Wallace in the 1997 documentary ‘Year Of The Dog’  has been a classic phrase for footy fans to repeat over the years. Making the second round, ‘i’ll spew up’ is continually repeated on footy shows and by fans to this day and was said after the Bulldogs blew a lead in the 1996  Footscray v Collingwood match.

6:Bruce ‘delicious’

It’s where Bruce’s fascination with Cyril Rioli started but also provided us with a classic commentary moment. Getting to the second round, this bizarre moment from the commentary legend continues to be a repeated phrase by footy fans.

5:Get a big dog up ya

Following Essendon’s 2017 ANZAC day win the Bombers were happy to say the least. This clip which featured on ‘footy fan tv’ shows some excited Essendon supporters after a close win over Collingwood. The line “Get a big dog up ya Collingwood ya fucking deserve it. Fuck you all” perfect incapsulates both the savageness and proudness of  supporting those clubs immediately after a win. The “Yeah” by the other bomber supporter finishes it perfectly. “Get a big dog up ya” made it to the second round only narrowly losing to our #4 place.

4: Your mother drives a pickle wagon

Appearing on John Safran’s Media Media Tycoon this clip to ‘free Spider Everett” was a massive hit with footy fans for it’s shear absurdity of the clip. Featuring about half way through the clip, there is a range of shots of Saints fans including Safran sledging the umpires including the line “Bullshit you white maggot cunt. Your mother drives a pickle wagon!” This clip featured in many of Sporting HQ’s videos and always is popular. Making the final 4, footy fans clearly can’t get enough if it.

3:Thanks Basil

This is one meme that’s hard to get your head around. Having featured on Channel 7’s opening Saturday afternoon coverage, Brett Kirk is giving the audience an insight into what the commentary team will be like however, it quickly get’s confusing and very strange. After the ‘thanks Basil’ line Brett Kirk then goes into an extremely odd monologue about how the commentary team is going to engage fans. Making the top 4 this video often get’s repeated on clip shows and youtube videos. Because we just love the footy!

2: Right In Front of Me

It’s fitting this classic post game meltdown get’s robbed of top spot. Following Adelaide’s controversial loss to Collingwood in the 2009 Semi final where Jack Anthony kick the winning goal. Adelaide fans weren’t pleased. The news report clip features a number of Crows fans but there’s no argument of the most rememberable fan who sprouts “Absolutely the Crows were robbed. Right in front of me! RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME! Making the final only to narrowly loss was the only way this was going to end.

1: Fev at the Brownlow

Of everything Fev has done, this will probably always be his most famous. After having a bit too much fun at the Brownlow, Fev does a street talk segment for the footy show. unfortunately for Fev’s reputation, he’s absolutely hammered. Pestering the likes of Chris Judd yelling ‘pressure point’ and ‘Steven Seagal” Bec Judd, Adam Cooney and James Hird, Fev’s antics didn’t help his playing career but provided alot of enjoyment for footy fans. Having over 300,000 views on Youtube, this clips was always the favourite to win the whole thing according to many fans and didn’t let them down winning the final over Right in front of me.

Honourable mentions

“I Couldn’t give a rats tossbag”

“You need to calm down”



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