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Which are the best Test Cricket teams away from home?

We design a table based on the records of all international test teams based on their from away from home from 2014 to now



P W D L Points
Pakistan 11 7 1 3 22
India 19 5 7 7 22
Australia 16 7 0 9 21
New Zealand 14 5 2 7 17
Sri Lanka 14 4 4 6 16
England 11 3 3 5 12
South Africa 9 2 4 3 10
West Indies 8 0 2 6 2
Zimbabwe 2 0 0 2 0
Bangladesh 3 0 0 3 0



*3 points for a win, 1 for a draw, 0 for loss



While the amount of games played varies vastly between each nation, the table gives us an outline of the test teams who perform best away from home. Although the amount of games being played is hugely in the favour of the higher ranked teams, the table also shows us which teams have to play more games away from home than others,

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Top of the table may come as a surprise, but Pakistans record away from home is vastly underrated, and this has now been recognised with their number one placing in t he overall rankings. While Pakistan did lose 3 of their 11 games, they were unmatched in terms of outright victories, and were unbeaten in 8 of the 11 games, and although they have the same amount of points as Australia, they have played 8 games les. 2nd, 3rd fourth and fifth places in the table are bunched with only 6 points between them, but a large factor within this is the amount of games played by each nation. India, who are in second, have played 3 more away matches than Australia and 5 more than New Zealand and Sri Lanka, and have only won 5 out of these games played, with a large share of points coming from drawn matches. Australia and New Zealand have similar figures, with most of their points coming from wins rather than draws. Again, like Sri Lanka, New Zealand have played less games than Australia, keeping them at a disadvantage. Below Sri Lanka, only England and South Africa have made significant contribution in terms of points. These two teams have somewhat even amounts of wins, losses and draws, showing their ability to perform, however, lack consistency away from home. The final three have only played a combined total of 13 games, 8 of those the West Indies, but no team has achieved a win away from home, and the only points come from two draws the West Indies had.

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